Friday, October 17, 2008


So, my research into "a more simple life" will have to begin on Sunday. I picked a bad day to type that last post because my dad would be arriving for his family vacation, here in Orlando, that very same weekend. What that means, is all weekI have been at theme parks, swimming pools, restaraunts and more! We have had a wonderful time together as a family and playing...A LOT! So, now, not only do I have to re-evaluate "simple," I have to de-program my child from believing that she is entitled to this type of treatment on a daily basis. Grandparents sure know how to spoil a child (and an adult...I didn't have to spend a dime...I like that part of simple!).

My dad's vacation is not the the only thing that has spoiled my child. I love to treat my child and shower her with gifts. And I do it often. I have great friends and family that do such a wonderful job of teaching their children about gratefulness (see Jessica's post here). This is an area where I need to work on with my child. And this is not just a problem with my children. I think most children constantly think they "deserve." They are always wanting more. And aren't we the same sometimes? Or a lot of times? I want to live a life a simplicity. And I want to teach my child by example, not just words. I want our family to have a heart for giving, not receiving. And in those times when we are on the recieving end, I want special treats to be appreciated and received humbly NOT to be expected and given upon greed.




Julie said...

Great post! YES, YES, YES I think Girl Scouts would be great for Annalise. Karlen was once that quiet, shy little Daisy! (and so was Christie!) but they learn so many things in Girl Scouts. Great social group for girls...
Julie :)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, I just love the re-training week :)
Learning gratefulness seems to be on ongoing lesson in our home (for me and the kids).