Saturday, October 11, 2008

Re-evaluation Time!

Well, you may have noticed (or at least I hope you've noticed) that I haven't blogged in a week! Why? I have been so busy with life! Is this happening to anyone else out there? I would love to have sufficient time to take care of my kids, feed myself and my family, grocery shop, teach gym classes, home school, cart Annalise to gymnastics, serve in ministry, spend quality time with my family, and then have left over time to relax and blog! It would be so nice!

I think it's time to re-evaluate my quest to a more simple life. A sweet friend of mine challenged me this weekend and asked me exactly what does my blog title, "a more simple life," mean to me. She said my life looked a little distant from "simple." At first, I was quick to justify. But as the weekend went on, I decided it was a good thing to be challenged. I should consistently evaluate where I am and where the Lord wants me to be. I think it is time to slow down and take a look.




Joe Tessin said...

Right on! We HAVE to take the time to stop end evaluate. I think there is a buzz going around right now with people desiring something more and "more simple" but what does that really mean?! This is the question I find myself wanting to answer.
On Monday, I am starting a small group conversation with 5-6 families to address this issue. We are so engrained and trained by our culture and I think we may have to pull away if we are going to ever slow down. We'll pray for you on your journey and know that you will do the same for us. If we come to any great conclusions I'll let you know. Of course, I think they may find their way to my blog.
Have a great week!

Jackie Sue said...

Well Jaime, All I know is that you do some good "work" on your blog, so if you don't do it here, just make sure to keep doing it somewhere :) I appreciate you and pray that you feel God's delight in you today. love, js