Monday, October 20, 2008

My Plan of Action

So, vacation is over and I have had my first day of normal life again without a Theme park involved. While we had a blast with family, fun, and lots of exercise, we are enjoying the comfort of our "home sweet home" this week!

Now that we are attempting to get back to our regular routine, I am asking the Lord to show me areas in our family schedule that need some tweaking. As I am listening and waiting, I believe these are some things that I should be doing.

1. Depending on the Lord, spending time in prayer, and resting in Him - I can't do this "life" thing alone. I need the Lord's grace and help everyday! I am so thankful that the Lord has forced me to depend upon Him like never before.

I want to keep my mind and heart set on the Lord as I go about my busy days. I want my home to be a place of worship and filled with His presence. Some of my ideas for making this happen is:

Dedicating my day to the Lord and reading some Scripture (still loving John 15, see post here and here).

Playing worship music throughout the day to point me to the Lord.

At times when I am feeling overwhelmed and defeated, stop right where I am at and sending up quick prayers to the Lord for comfort, strength and direction.

Writing encouraging Scriptures on little cards and place them around my home.

Having devotional books or Bibles in easy-to-reach places to pick up and read for a minute or two.

Praying with my husband and my girls daily!

3) Staying home more - Remember this post? I feel so over-committed at times and end of overwhelmed. I tend to dive in head first with ideas and forget to take it to the Lord before taking action.

4) Stop comparing myself to others - This is a hard one for me. The Lord has made me different, as he has made us all different. I should seek the Lord, honor my husband, love on my children, and be free from the guilt of the comparison.

5) Letting some things go - I can't do it all, and don't even want to try. I need to focus on what's most important, and trust God for the rest. I want to look to Him constantly for guidance and direction in taking care of my family. The time I have with my family is a gift and I pray to find joy in this wonderful season while I have it.

Father, help me be the woman that you have called me to be.




Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Finding that balance is sure difficult. I have a hard time doing the same thing.

Valarie said...

Thanks for your post. I find life to be overwhelming (especially now with my mom) I have to keep reminding myself that GOD is in control of all things, NOT ME. I am trying to learn no (with a smile) and not live in guilt because I said it. I do much better when I can just stop and find rest in JESUS!