Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What is a journal? Well, for me, my journal has been a personal collection of thoughts, prayers, and/or daily happenings.

Journaling rules - Ha! The great thing is that there are no rules to journaling. At least I don't have any! All I do is write like myself. I define the length, the form, the language, and the attitude. No one complains about my grammar (at least when it's a private journal and not a blog). A journal does not need to satisfy anyone other than yourself.

How often do I write? My goal is to write daily, but I can tell you plainly that I have never measured up to that goal yet. Writing regularly is not easy, especially with a busy schedule. But since I have decided to also journal on my blog, I hope this increases my chances at journaling more often. I do tend to type faster than I write. And I enjoy blogging and reading others blogs.

Benefits of journaling - I will speak for myself on this one. I typically journal a prayer to Jesus. My prayers are conversations to the Father as if he were sitting right in front of me listening. Journaling is an avenue where I believe the Lord speaks to me. There have been so many times when I would write my frustrations and questions to God. And while my pencil is still in process of completing my feelings, the truth from His Word comes to life and teaches me. I think by writing my thoughts instead of always talking them out, has helped me slow down and process what the Lord might be whispering to me. And then writing the truth down has been such a powerful thing in my life. When I'm struggling, I can refer back to what the Lord has taught me and then speak it out loud and claim it yet again!

So, one day Annalise and I were spending some time together reading books when I decided I would share a journal entry with her. Because this particular entry was about the news of having another baby, I thought it would be fun to share. My joyous emotions were told. Her name was mentioned. And I even documented her excitement!

Annalise decided that she now wanted to keep a journal. What a wonderful habit to start at 5 years old! We went off to the store and picked out a special journal and let the memories begin! How fun this will be for her to read in years to come!

So, I highly recommend picking up a pen and documenting life! You will cherish it for life.




Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

You know I am a fan of journaling as well. I have also loved walking in and seeing my girls on their beds with a journal and pen in hand. I also love teaching them the difference of a journal and diary. Most young girls have a diary and it just isn't the same thing.
This reminds me, I should get in my room and do some journaling today. It's been a little while.

Fran said...

Journaling used to be so important to me - mine was so like yours - my prayers and thoughts. I even journaled a special journal for my kids their senior year in high school. Somehow I let that habit drop and have had problems picking it back up. Hopefully you gals can inspire me to get back in the habit. Have a great weekend.

Brandi said...

How wonderful would that be for her to journal?!!!

I love journaling but just don't write fast enough. That's why I blog the way I do. . I really want it to be my journal. I'm even going to print it out on a regular basis. . .
Love ya,