Friday, August 8, 2008

Received Free, Give Free!

I just love Beth Moore. She is spunky, she is southern, a woman of God, and she tells it like it is! A few weeks back, I sent out an email to some of my friends and family about some exciting things God was teaching me. It was actually through publicly sharing my quiet time with the Lord that I decided to start this blog. I couldn't have others possibly miss out on a really cool discovery in the Word of God! Sometimes we can read something and read right over an important message from the Lord. Well, I'm sure that I had seen the following verses before...but, prior to today, they were nothing more than words I skimed over with no known depth.

So, because I have been thinking a lot about "heart change" and giving, I thought I would post a summary of the email I sent (it's so good to have a refresher):

Read thsese few verses below and get ready to jump into some Greek study!
Matthew 10:8 "You have received free of charge; give free of charge."
John 15:25 "They hated me without reason."

The word "freely" and the phrase "for no reason" both come from the Greek word dorean. And Beth Moore states..."We have received freely from God in ways we can't begin to count, but has that unreasonable grace caused you to freely give of yourself to to others recently"?

Ouch!!! Doesn't that make your stomach turn! Wow, if only we freely give. And what is freely giving?

So this is what the Lord taught me that day and is reminding me TODAY -
I have received FREELY, FOR NO REASON, and UNDESERVED. Lord help me to give FREELY, FOR NO REASON at all, even when I think others DON'T DESERVE IT.
I just love digging deep and really grasping even a small understanding of scripture. Greek translations ROCK!!!




Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss you! The Lord has let my head bob above the deep waters of grief over the last few weeks... and I am just about ready to dive into His Word again and enjoy new things and old. Thanks for being a good friend and calling even when I don't call back!
Love, Jaime v.

Brandi said...

Amen, Amen, Amen. . .this is why I changed the title of my blog. I want to LIVE this verse. I want to live in light of what I've received so that I'm ready and willing to give. . .oh yes!