Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh how He loves us!

Yesterday, as I was describing my daughter's first time in Gymnastics class to my husband, I realized on a more intimate level how much our Heavenly Father loves his children! I also started to understand some of His pride in his creation!

I let my child go...on her walk with a complete stranger...across to the opposite side of the gym from me. She was nervous. She is shy. She has tried other classes before and cried for the majority of the time or glued herself to my leg and refused to go. This time, she was wanting to join so badly that she decided to rise above her anxieties and try it. I was so PROUD!

I walked to a second level observation deck that divided us by a wall and window. She couldn't see me very well unless she walked closer and looked hard. But, I could see her. She practiced with all her might to get the stretches and warm-up exercises just right! She was adorable! She wasn't as flexible as the other kids, but that didn't lesson my pride.

Next, she was doing handstands, cartwheels, back bends and more! She had been working on these and was excited to show others what she knew. This was completely out of her character. And the instructor gave her a high-5! She smiled. Her confidence was growing. Oh, I am so proud!!!

Then were the bars. She had never been on the bars. But, she did the floor skills well and those bars were stopping her. She was jumping up and down in line and couldn't wait to tackle this new adventure. She started with the instructor and was being helped along the way. She was unable to conquer this task but tried over and over and over again! I just LOVE her!!!

Annalise is excited to go on Friday night for an open night at the gym for additional practice. She said, "mommy I want to get better on the bars!"

Wow, I just love that picture. I was looking down from above at all Annalise was doing and couldn't love her anymore or be any prouder than I was right then! She was afraid but rose above her fears. She wasn't the best, but tried her hardest. She was excited to share what she knew with others. And when she couldn't complete the task, she continued to press on! I can now start to understand, even at the smallest level, how much the Lord is in love with us and how proud he must be!

Thank you for that picture! It was heaven sent!




Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

What a dramatic difference from Monday!! Way to go Annalise! Tell her I said I am so proud of her.

Fran said...

I have always thought one of the best ways I understood more abut God was through my relationship with my kids. So many things relate - how much I want to hold them close - yes - even as adults. How important it is to let them go. The love and pride we feel as they figure it all it-or at least part of it!!! As teen-agers when we were nose to nose - I thought how many teen-agers God deals with every day. Now as adults when they don't quite make the decisions I think they should - how many times I do the same in God's eyes. I love being able to keep up with you guys - and re-learn many things along the way!!!

Jackie Sue said...

Jaime, That was such a sweet post! You are so right...that is how He loves us and more! Where is she taking gymnastics btw? I still need to find a class for Davie. Thanks. JS