Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Practical Step

I have really been trying to take all practical steps towards making life more simple. It's not until I started throwing things out and giving things away that I was really seeing how much we have and don't need. As much as I think I could have more, there are so many less fortunate than me. It's sad that I have whined so much about things I thought were necessary to make life work. But once I have acquired some of those "necessary" things, it has only seemed to complicate life even more. There are more things to put away, clean, pay for upkeep, and simply stress me out!

A few weeks ago, Annalise and I decided to go through her playroom and decide what could be given to other kids who don't have much. Normally, I would fill bags and run them down to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Yes, those are great organizations, but this time I wanted it to not be so "easy" for me and harder for the less fortunate. It doesn't take much heart work for me to bag up items and drop them off in a container. I wanted a family to not have to pay for used items, even at a thrifty price. Through a friend of mine, I had known of single mom that had several kids with birthdays coming up this month. I got her number, called her, and asked if she would be interested in several bags of toys and baby clothes. She was so excited to take them off my hands and be able to supply a good birthday to her children.

Now let me say that this was NOT easy for me. It was COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. For one, I would classify myself as a little shy at times. I don't typically call strangers. Also, this single mom and I carry much different lives. Usually, I tend to keep my distance from people who are "different" from me. But the Lord has taught me so much lately about loving others and having compassion. He has broken me and given me a great desire to help those in need. It was such a humbling experience as I walked to her door and saw her smiles as I brought each bag in. She was overwhelmed and said that she could now take care of birthdays and Christmas! It was a sweet moment.

Now my next challenge I feel being called to is building a relationship with this mom and loving her beyond material giving. Hold me Accountable!

And for those times when I think I have failed miserably as a mom, I think of these sweet words my daughter continually prays at night. It sounds a little like this "Dear Jesus, please help kids in other countries get money to buy food and toys. And help the kids that don't have mommys and daddys get one!" I love that!




Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I think that was such a great thing you did as a family.
I love Annalise's prayer! Very sweet.
I also struggle big time with doing service that is out of my comfort zone. It's a lot harder when you have to make that extra effort.

Brandi said...

LOVE that. . love Annalise's prayer too. Have you seen KidsLake? I think she'd like doing that. . maybe we could do some projects together? I would LOVE that!