Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Home Sweet Home"

As the summer has just recently come to close, I look back and see what a fun filled, busy few months we had. Weekly, we went to Free Movies, the Library, Swimming, did Gymnastics, and more. My oldest daughter greatly enjoys getting out and DOING! She so often gets bored at home and is always asking when we are going somewhere.

Well, now that we are full force in our homeschooling routine, I hope to slow the pace down quite a bit. My husband, Jarrett, and I are constantly evaluating our schedules to make sure our family spends more time at home together. You would think that we would have a great amount of quality time together now that we spend the majority of the day home. Unfortunately, I find myself a little overwhelmed with the activities of the day! With cooking, cleaning, teaching, and cooking and cleaning some more, I feel like I've lost those memorable moments with my kids.

I want more time sitting beside them and playing with them. I want more cuddle time with them to read books. I want to get back to spending time with Annalise in the kitchen as she helps me cook. Ultimately, I would love my home to be a place where memories and traditions are continually being made and built. I know that most kids really enjoy being at others' homes, but I want my child to love spending time at home.

In these next few days, I am going to be focused hard on setting aside more ways to spend good quality time with my family.

I want to embrace each moment! (Hint* If you click on that link, you might just see the sweet family I'm talking about)




Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

If it makes you feel any better, when I was growing up, I definitely was a kid that always wanted to be going somewhere. Now that I am a grown adult, where do I spend the majority of my weekends? Yup, with my parents.
I also grew up in a home where I invited tons of friends over without stop. Again, you see how this has carried over into adulthood.
Do we ever truly appreciate our parents and families until we are an adult? I sure didn't.